Who is Novom?

A full range of expertise in artistic design, hi-tech development as well as extensive knowledge on cultural, touristic and technological industries, giving Novom the capacity to create projects that will make you be seen and shine!

We create unique experiences applying technology and multimedia for events and venues. Our know-how and intellectual properties enable us to develop projects that leverage technology to make sense.

What does Novom?



He is fortunate to have a great and harmonious team with him! This makes his role as "conductor" even easier. As you can see, he has a strong personal interest in music.

Claude Caron


From clown to actor to director to author to show producer to program director of a major festival to CEO of the same festival, then co-founder of 7e SENS and now director of special projects at Novom. He loves this career path!

Stéphan parent

Director of Special projects

A lover of skiing in the winter and of nature in all its forms in the summer, Eric likes wide open spaces and "slow travel". A DIY enthusiast, he likes to renovate, tinker, garden and undertake various projects.

Eric Foley

IT Operations manager

Although she enjoys juggling dollars and cents, reading remains her favorite pastime. Serious and pragmatic, she occasionally cracks a good joke. Her wildest dream: to travel around the world and speak several languages.

Guylaine Hinse

Administrative Assistant

Samuel can tell you from memory the capital of any country. In his spare time, he can be found on the forest trails trying to spot birds, or on a bowling alley hoping for more strikes.

Samuel Sideleau

Full-Stack Developer

A video game and music lover, he spends his free time playing both guitar and games. He hopes to one day mix these two interests to create a game with his own music.

Charles-Antoine Blanchette

Full-Stack Developer

Samuel is a level 15 computer wizard. He is good with animals, having 3 cats and 1 dog. He knows how to make people laugh. When he's not coding, he can be found in front of his computer destroying his opponents.

Samuel Perron Desrochers

Full-Stack Developer

Young tinkerer, avid 3D printer, board game fanatic, everything is good to get his brain moving! Adoring to test new experiences and to share them, Marco often runs away in the woods under the magic of live action role-playing.

Marc-antoine bourque

Full-Stack Developer

Josée has but one goal: to pastelize everything she sees. Her dream is to draw from morning to night, in between playing video games, in her house made of LEGO bricks.

Josée Godbout

Graphic designer

Having an interest in video games, board games and drawing, he enjoys challenges and improving UI/UX.  If there is "cookies & cream" chocolate and he can correct spelling mistakes, he feels fulfilled.  

Jessy Provencher

Full-Stack Developer



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